Alan Walker

Recommended Software

This list has been tested and is recommended by me and my wife

Secure your passwords

Secure your passwords in a vault that is encrypted on your computer and stored in the cloud. It runs in your web browser or mobile device as a plugin. Only the person with your password can access the vault so don't lose it! Try it with your less important web sites, buy a subscription and a second factor yubikey before putting banking and other serious sites in the vault.

Stop all viruses and malware

Add a lock to your computer so that only apps you approve can run. There is a learning period building your whitelist, but after you set that up you are in control completely of what runs. Also includes a sandbox for you to send questionable apps for testing on a remote computer.

The best scanner and removal tool

Too many times I have seen computers infected with malware or viruses yet the virus scanner finds nothing. Hitman Pro does more than look for known signatures, it identifies suspicious behavior and then sends those files to a remote computer for scanning by multiple antivirus applications. If your PC is infected, this is your best chance to find out and remove the virus.

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